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The flexibility we offer is a great advantage to the budget conscious client!

We try our very best to offer packages which can accommodate just about any client. We believe that party bus and limousine service is something that shouldn't be exlusive to those only with a large amount of disposable income. Providing service to all is something we hope to bring to you for whatever event you might be planning for. There are some cases where we do need to charge more, based on higher costs driven by high demand for our services. It is days like this, where we are busiest, that the budget conscious client will want to try and avoid if saving money is a concern. We'd like to let you know that we offer this flexibility in pricing, in lieu of flat rate service, so that we can always give you the best price available. This allows us to remain consistent with our profit margin instead of our pricing structure. It is our preference to maximize your value instead of maximizing our profit.

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We always do our best to provide service, regardless of your budget restrictions.

We work very hard to make sure we can provide service to as many people as we can. Let us know if budget is a primary concern, and as long as you can be flexible on the day you need service, we should be able to tailor fit a plan to fit your budget. You'll want to keep in mind that during our busiest seasons (wedding/prom season in spring particularly) we are at our highest prices then. This is simply because we have much higher costs at this time, and have to adjust accordingly to make sure that our fleet is running at optimum condition, and displays the cleanliness you deserve. You'll also want to avoid Fridays and Saturdays, if you're on a bit of a budget... for the same reasons stated above. They are simply higher demand days and prices are more expensive due to this fact.

You can check for additional ways to save! Contact us to see if we have package deals for the day you require service.

It is our pleasure to be able to reduce our time requirement and prices for some days, earlier in the day:

  • Early in the day events like weddings and some sporting events are able to be booked at lower package rates because they fall under lower demand times for us. As with any event, give us a call or an email to find out if your time slot would qualify for a package deal.
  • Check with us to see if your sporting event date has a package rate.
  • You'll particularly enjoy our out of town packages, which can greatly reduce your travel stress while keeping most of your vacation money in your pocket!

We are always happy to hear from you! If you have any specific question regarding package deals or services we offer; don't wait, call us now.





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