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Party Bus Gainesville is dedicated to providing only the very best in all that we do!

We are pleased to know you are considering us for your group transportation needs. Know that we are committed in every stage of our business to providing not only the very best vehicles around; we are also committed to providing a world-class level of service that goes far above the industry standards. There is not detail regarding your run that is beyond our attentive eyes. We want to make sure you are completely happy and have the highest level of satisfaction and confidence throughout every stage of your dealings with us. This is just how we operate! For further convenience, you'll be glad to know that we man our phones every hour of the day throughout the year. This way, no matter when you need to get ahold of us... for any reason at all, we are happy to help!

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What you need is what we provide!

This industry is highly competitive. We strive to not only compete, but be the best. To that end, whatever you might need, no matter how out there you might think the request is, we will do everything we can to fulfill it for you. On a business level though, we are committed to providing only the very finest in customer service, and only the very best vehicles through and through. We are able to be like this because we have such a wonderful and dedicated crew working with us. Our maintenance crew is on the spot to make sure that your vehicle is ready for a white-glove inspection upon your arrival. Our mechanics are both knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle anything that might break down quickly and efficiently. This insures that we have a maximum number of vehicles available at all times. You'll be glad to know our client services reps and reservation agents are highly trained and skilled in making sure you are taken care of in every stage of your booking process. Finally, what limousine Gainesville company is complete without their front-line folks: The Chauffeur. Our chauffeurs are highly trained, certified in every area that requires certification, screened prior to and during employment to maintain our high standards, and finally they are very attentive to your needs and requirements to insure that you are taken care of to the highest degree while you're traveling with us.

The way our team treats you is nothing to the way our high-class vehicles will make you feel!

Each one of our spectacular vehicles is at your disposal, for any need you might have! You'll love the fact that we work so hard to maintain and replace them whenever they are starting to show the slightest notion of being outdated. Nobody wants to pay for a substandard luxury vehicle, so we work tirelessly to make sure that every one of our fleet is up to spec with the finest amenities and most modern entertainment goodies. You can rest easy with the confidence in knowing that whichever model you choose, it will be world-class.

We are eager to serve, and look forward to hearing from you!

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